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Dates of Existance
Dates of Existance
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The Haehnle Brewing Company of Jackson, Michigan

Trade Names for the brewery at 1829 Cooper Street, Jackson, MI:

Casper Haehnle (1917 Cooper Street) 1864-18??

Casper Haehnle & Co. 1880-1893

Haehnle Brewing Co. 1893-1919


Temperance beer produced (1/2 1 percent alcohol by volume)

Issued U-Permit No. MI-U-683 allowing the resumption of brewing operations 1933

Hill Top Brewing Co., Inc. (Readdressed to 1829 Cooper Street) 1933-1933

Haehnle Brewing Co., Inc. 1934-1937

Closed in 1937

Ironwood Brewing Co. of Ironwood, Michigan 

Trade Names for the brewery in Ironwood, MI:

Superior Brewery, Caspar Haehnle 1901-1902

Ironwood Brewing Co. 1902-1919