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Casper Haehnle lll

Casper Haehnle. A man of much ability, great intelligence, and sound judgment, Casper Haehnle is actively identified with the industrial interests of Jackson as general manager of the Haehnle Brewing Company, of which he is a stockholder, is president of the Haehnle Bottling Company, which he founded and as vice-president of the Alloy Steel Spring Co., of Jackson. He was born, November 12, 1876, in Jackson, Michigan, where his entire life has been spent, being a son of the late Casper Haehnle, whose death occurred in 1893, and of whom a brief sketch appears elsewhere in this volume.

Growing to manhood in the city of Jackson, Casper Haehnle attended the public schools during the days of his boyhood, completing the studies of the different grades up to the ninth, and in 1894 was graduated from Devlin's Business College. Going to Chicago in 1895, he entered the Wahl-Henin's Institute of Fermentology, where he took a full course of study in chemistry, microscopy and fermentation with the idea of gaining a technical knowledge of thebrewing business, and was there graduated in April, 1896. Returning home after receiving his diploma, Mr. Haehnlebecame assistant manager of the Haehnle Brewery, established by his father, and filled the position so ably and efficiently that in 1901 he was made general manager of the business. In this capacity Mr. Haehnle has been eminently successful, the plant under his supervision maintaining the excellent reputation established by his father for its clean, pure products. At the present time, in 1914, the Haehnle Brewing Company manufactures and sells 20,000 barrels of beer, and 6,000 tons of ice, annually. In 1911 Mr. Haehnle founded and established what is known as the HaehnleBottling Company, which is an entirely separate corporation, although in reality it is a subsidiary corporation of theHaehnle Brewing Company, and is its largest stockholder, and its president. The Haehnle Brewing Company is capitalized at $75,000, while the Haehnle Bottling Company has a capital of $15,000.

Mr. Haehnle married, May 9, 1901, Miss Nellie Meyfarth, of Jackson, and they have one child, Phyllis AverillHaehnle, born April 11, 1906. Fraternally Mr. Haehnle is a member of Jackson Lodge No. 17, Ancient Free and Accepted Order of Masons; of Jackson Chapter No. 3, Royal Arch Masons; of Jackson Commandery No. 9, Knights Templar; and of Jackson Lodge No. 113, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. He also belongs to the Michigan Center Country Club.

Published in 1915: 

History of Michigan, Volume 3

 By Charles Moore, page 1246.